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Easy Spring Plus Parts

Easy Spring Plus cordless spring rollers eliminate concerns about safety and aesthetics often associated with a dangling cord and comply with WCMA/ANSI standards making roller shades safe for both children and pets. The durable construction ensures years and years of reliable performance. Our system is manufactured with just a few parts making it easy to assemble and quick to install, and the tight and secure fit into shade headers prevents shades from popping out of brackets. 


  • Child and pet safe
  • Sleek window shade appearance
  • Easy-to-assemble in your fabrication area and quick to install
  • Available for shades up to 96" wide
  • 2 bracket choices
    • With side adjuster for minimal light gap
    • With adjuster wheel for easy after installation adjustments
  • Speed reducer built into spring
  • Use with Cassette 100 or Cassette 120 for a clean, polished look